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OMG! LeBron James Attacked Donald Trump, Is This Racism?

In the NBA, there has been a long-held tradition of championship-winning teams making a visit to the White House in Washington, D.C. As most hoops fans know, the Golden State Warriors claimed the Larry O’Brien trophy last season. As a result, the same presidential invite was extended in their direction.

BOYCOTT: Kellogg Makes Unbelievable Anti-Trump Move

A recent report reveals a large amount of money that W.K. Kellogg donated to left-wing, pro-socialist organizations with the help of the Clintons and George Soros. The report was conducted by Capital Research (CR). CR is a right-wing watchdog group that keeps an eye on non-profit organizations. They reveal a

BREAKING: 2 Democrat Congressmen On ISIS Payroll Arrested For Treason

ISIS has managed to infiltrate the Halls of Congress, according to a verified source inside the Justice Department. Two US Representatives, both Democrats, have been removed from the building and brought to a “secure facility for enemy combatants.” What that means, according to Sgt. Franklin Omalley at the Pentagon, is that two United

John Cena Has Produced The Greatest Tweet In History

We all know John Cena is the greatest bloke ever to grace the planet and he's now produced what I am definitely viewing as the greatest Tweet in history. Big match John has been producing plenty of social media goodness as part of his on-screen WWE feud with Roman Reigns of