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Harley Davidson VS Yamaha R6

The video we have for you today will completely reaffirm your love for Harley-Davidson. It’s a standoff at a red light; a Harley sits, awaiting the light to turn green when he is approached by another rider, who sits on a Yamaha R6 street bike, and motions for him to race

Drunk HARLEY Davidson Bikers Race

A group of Harley Davidson lovers took their motorbikes on the dirt race. It’s kind of unusual to race with the Harley on a dirt track but it seems like the funny show. But believe us this is one huge epic fail video and the crowd is only cheering when someone is

NFL Player Accidentally Killed Himself

Former Indianapolis Colts running back Zurlon Tipton accidentally shot and killed himself. The incident took place when Tipton was getting his Jeep serviced at an auto dealership in Roseville, Michigan, reports the Daily Mail. He reached into a bag that was in the passenger seat of his car, and one of the two guns


Groups rides are all fun and sorted. But, like every good thing they come with their own baggage. There’s a lot which can and does go wrong on a group ride. Here are the top 10 things! 1. The Wrong Starbucks! Starbucks are everywhere these days. So, it’s not uncommon for people

This 101-Year-Old Man Still Rides his Moped Every Day

British television network ITV is airing a three-part documentary series called 100 Year Old Driving School in which drivers at or near 100 years old are critiqued by driving instructors from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents to see if these elderly folks can still drive safely and competently on public roads. This