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Motorcyclist Suffers Gunshot Wound After Gun Goes Off During Crash

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – Florida Highway Patrol troopers are investigating a crash involving a motorcycle and a single gunshot fired, as both, the driver and passenger were ejected onto the roadway along W. New Haven Ave. and Vista Lake Cir. on Thursday in Melbourne. The driver of the motorcycle has been identified

Bikers Take Crime Fighting into Their Own Hands

Isn’t it frustrating to read about cases of motorcycle theft every other day on some news site or the other? Isn’t it just worrying that motorcycle thefts continue to be on the rise, and law enforcement isn’t able to take an action as strong as we’d want? Well, for me,

Harley Davidson is Taking The Biggest Risk Ever

Not so long ago, Harley-Davidson announced that it’ll be launching its all-electric production model of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire concept. While there was some criticism from purists and others, the news was largely received positively. However, the LiveWire-based offering wouldn’t be the only electric Harley we’d get to see in the