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How This Biker Gets Out Of A Death Wobble At 130MPH Is Absolutely Insane!

The “death wobble” is one of the most notorious mechanical failures of a motorcycle. They’ve been known to happen in a number of motorcycles, all the way from Harleys to sportbikes. It’s one of those risks which you don’t even ever contemplate when you mount the saddle. And there’s good reason that they call them the “death wobble”. They almost always result in a crash, and most often a nasty one.



For those of you who don’t know, a ‘death wobble’ is a violent oscillation of a motorcycle’s front wheel and handlebars. It’s generally the result of some mechanical failure, and can be really dangerous.



It’s almost impossible to maintain the bike’s balance once it goes into a ‘death wobble’, and crashing is almost a certainty.


A “death wobble” at 130mph is expected to live up to its name in nearly all probability.


Fortunately, it didn’t for this biker. While I’ve commendable amount of respect and awe for how he got away with it, I can’t help but frown at what he was doing.



The guy and a buddy of his were racing their crotch rockets at 130mph on a busy motorway in the middle of the afternoon! And this guy, was doing it in a pair of sneakers, sweats, and half-sleeves tshirt! The only thing he had for gear was a freaking helmet!


The entire incident was caught on his riding buddy’s helmet cam.


And it’s frightening to even watch something like this! As the video starts, we see the buddy speeding up his bike to the mid-120s. And then, all of a sudden, he turns his head to see his buddy.



The guy’s motorcycle is in a notorious death wobble. However, this guy somehow managed to pull all the strength from his body and kept the bike going in a pretty much straight line, maintaining his balance all throughout. Finally, he was able to come to a stop, without even a scratch! He was miraculously lucky this time, but I guess if he’d be that lucky every time he tries something that stupid!

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