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Biker Takes Revenge On Car Driver For Cutting Him Off [VIDEO]

Today we have a confusing video at hand. The video seems to have surfaced from Russia. It was shot on the helmetcam of the rider who uploaded it.

The rider was driving besides a silver car when he accelerated ahead. However, the silver car very dangerously sped ahead, cutting off the biker.

The biker could’ve possibly been hit by this recklessness of the driver. Understandably so, the rider is enraged and follows the driver till he stops.

Finally the car comes down to a parking lot. The rider puts his bike on the stand, walks towards the car’s driver, opens the car’s door and straight away slaps the driver.

The driver seems like a man in his 40s, who initially appears confused as if he didn’t even know what he did. However, the rider goes on to push and assault the driver.

He certainly taught the driver a lesson who’ll now think twice before he dangerously cuts a rider. But, was this the right thing to do? I’m divided in my opinion. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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