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Black Panther Leader Gets Robbed At Gunpoint By Black Thug – Calls Cops…

​A leader of the New Black Panther Party was just robbed at gunpoint by a another black thug. The anti-cop Panther was forced to call The people he hates the most, the Police. Please tell us what you think of this story in the comments below.

While walking down the street around 3 a.m. in Tampa, Muhammad was robbed by a black man at gunpoint. “I was approached by a young black male who just came up to me and said, “Give me your earrings and your backpack,” said Muhammad. “He took everything I had. At the time, he didn’t take my cell phone, and that’s what made me call 911.”

“Hello, police? Yeah I hate you guys but I need your help…” he reportedly asked.

Fox 32 reported that Muhammad followed the suspect down the street from a distance, until he was advised to stop by 911 dispatchers.

The suspect robbed two other women at gunpoint, according to the police report.

​“One lady, she was in tears. She said she couldn’t believe it. He had the gun in her mouth,” said Muhammad, who came in contact with the women after they ran from the suspect.

Within 10 minutes of receiving Muhammad’s call for help, Tampa police had several officers searching for the suspect, described as being shirtless and holding a handgun.

The police found the suspect, 18-year-old Antwan Robertson, and chased him to a nearby Burger King parking lot where he hid behind a dumpster.

As a result of the heroism of the police officers, this thug got back his stolen jewelry and backpack, which held his laptop and ID. He still admits he “hates the police”.

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