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BREAKING: Judge Jeanine Makes MAJOR Announcement – Fox News Viewers SHOCKED! VIDEO

Most TV hosts don’t really support President Donald Trump. Wonder why? Liberals have put their claws on almost every network, and the mainstream media became a massive tool against the President. Things got worse during the presidential campaign, and the news were filled with lies and fake stories. President Donald Trump warned about this, and people finally understood his words.

Now Judge Jeanine Pirro decided to speak about this, and she used her show to discuss over the President’s first trimester in office. Pirro agreed that the mainstream media was harsh against the President, but that didn’t have any effect on the President’s work.

Judge Pirro said that regardless of whether people love or hate President Trump, America has never had a president like him, and that’s true.

“Through all the ups and downs, our 45th president maintained the same uneasy relationship with the mainstream media that he says has never given him a fair chance. But Donald Trump didn’t need the support of the liberal elites to win the White House. He hasn’t needed it since he took office. And, if we’ve learned anything these past 100 days, there’s no indication he’ll ever bow to the establishment as he continues on his one-man quest to shake up Washington and the world,” Pirro said.


Liberal hosts better understand this, because President Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. In the first three months, the President did more than Obama ever did during his 8 years in office, and everyone should know this, especially hosts like Whoopi Golberg, Joy Behar, and their co-hosts at The View.

Pirro is right about everything she said, and we support her.

What do you think about Pirro’s comments? What will President Donald Trump do next? What’s his next major task?

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