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BREAKING: Major Voter Scam Exposed: Alabama Elections Were Rigged!

Democrats are only good at rigging elections, and it was more than obvious that they rigged the 2016 presidential elections. Remember what Hillary Clinton did last November? She couldn’t fool us, and we all know how things work in the Democrat country. Now Democrats are running in panic after their awful scam was busted.

Have you ever questioned the reasons Democrats have to support Obama’s DACA program? It’s because they need illegals and students to push their candidates forward.

It seems like someone has found the link between scams, elections and Alabama.

“With a student identification card for employment you don’t even need to show citizenship just walk in and go so if you’re an illegal if you’re from another state have a different address it doesn’t matter you can just walk in in info like you live there no questions ever asked,” read one of the tweets.

So, did liberals really think that their fraud will remain a mystery? Of course not! Americans deserve to know the truth, and we’re finally able to see every detail about their network. No single victory was ever real, and liberals know that. They use simple tricks to get more votes.

Do you know what really happened in Alabama? It may scare you, but the truth is darker than you think, and liberals have to give us a good explanation.

How will liberals respond to the latest discovery? Will they try to excuse their activities? Is this victory even legal?

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