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Ivanka Trump Releases heart-warming announcement

The President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, was not as active as she used to be in the first months of her father’s presidency. Well, she sure does things, but we all know that the smart woman did her best to stay away from public’s eyes. This time Ivanka made something incredible,

EXPOSED: Judge Just Confirmed Our Worst Fears – Trump Was Right!

Judge Andrew Napolitano has just confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation offered Christopher Steele $50,000 for his evidence. Steele was supposed to prove the claims written in the Trump-Kremlin dossier. “I believe, just from examining the public sources, that the FBI offered Christopher Steele $50,000 if he could corroborate the

BREAKING!!! ENTIRE Obama Family Just Got KICKED OUT!!!

SHARE THIS STORY Barack Obama had a hard time accepting the fact that he’s not the President anymore. But after leaving the White House, he continued to act like he’s still in the office. And Michelle Obama goes through the same. When they both heard the news that Prince Harry is getting married with the black


The U.S. has reportedly withdrawn from an Obama-era agreement with the U.N. on mass migration. View image on Twitter US Mission to the UN ✔@USUN Ambassador Nikki Haley: “America is proud of our immigrant heritage and our long-standing moral leadership in providing support to migrant and refugee populations across the globe...But our decisions on