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David Crosby: ‘I Don’t Need Trump Supporters On My Show, They Are Bunch Of…’

This Thursday, maturing rock star David Crosby, in the past of Crosby, Still and Nash, stated on Twitter that he doesn’t need Trump supporters to go to his shows, Mass Live detailed on Thursday.

At the point when David Crosby and Friends performed at The Regent Theater in Arlington, Massachusetts on Monday, the show highlighted something beyond his renowned hits.

The vocalist stood in opposition to President Donald Trump amid the show. Following the show, a participant contacted the founding individual from Crosby, Stills and Nash on Twitter, advising Crosby to stick to his music.

“Don’t you realize that you will piss off 1/2 of your audience or at least 1/3 in liberal areas when you do that?”the fan composed in a tweet specifying the vocalist.

Crosby reacted, “If you’re a Trump dummy and you don’t like progressives Don’t come to my show a*shole.”

Crosby as well stated in another tweet that he’ll do whatever he wants amid his show. Among the individuals who openly attacked Crosby was Adam Baldwin, who reacted by calling the leftover hippy a “wealthy old socialist.”

Others also additionally criticized his reaction:

Obviously it’s nothing unexpected that Crosby doesn’t like Trump. Crosby has talked against Trump for quite a while. In a meeting with the IndyStar earlier this fall, he discussed about performing Neil Young’s “Let’s Impeach the President” while comparing Trump with past presidents.

“We thought we had it bad with Bush, but now we have a guy who’s 10 times worse than Bush. I’ve been trying to write a song about Trump, man, but he’s so egregiously bad that I haven’t managed it, yet.”

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