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Fake Tattoo Harley Rider Stirs Up The Internet

Not everyone likes to get inked and not many of us who like to get inked have the courage to do so. Getting inked needs a lot of courage as it is surely a painful task. This man loves tattoos, but couldn’t have them as it is really painful. So he decided to have the fake ones. Well, he can do anything to look cool on his Harley.

The man wears a fake tattoo sleeve to impress anyone. His efforts have surely paid off. The man has become very popular on the social media. While some are accusing the man to be a “poser” and not being a real biker, others are encouraging him by justifying his actions. One biker on a popular forum said:

I personally could care less. I don’t have any tattoos, and much less wear fake tattoo sleeves, but I do know that if I needed a pair of UV protection sleeves or compression bandages, I’d probably get a kick out of some fake tattoos and wear the darn things. After all, why do we have to be so judgmental?

Who would care if it’s real or not when he’s obviously rocking these “tattoos”? Well, I won’t. But some people can never stop being judgmental. And the others just like to have a good laugh out of it. What about you?

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