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Foxy Biker Grandma Gets The Most Incredible Makeover!

Back in the 80s, Lisa was a sexy biker girl. Ever since she was a young woman, to this date, Lisa always prioritized the need to work out and stay fit. However, as time moved, her style didn’t! The black studded leather clothing and the poofy hair was the iconic look of the 80s biker girl! However, 30 years later, she’s not just a biker girl. She’s a mother, she’s a grandmother. In all the commotion of her life, she forgot to change her style with it!




She wanted to keep her “foxy biker girl” look, but she also felt that her style wasn’t really sending the right message in her age and position. And that’s when she decided to seek help from Rachael Ray and Susan Lucci, the legendary soap opera star.


The pair made sure that they gave Lisa the makeover she needed, without her feeling uncomfortable in it.


And they did a spectacular job doing that. Before they started the makeover, Lucci had a talk with Lisa about her goals for the makeover.



They decided to not ditch her entire “foxy biker girl” style, but give it a more “grownup” tone. They started with giving her a dramatically new and refreshing hairstyle, and then followed it by revamping her wardrobe.


And the result was beyond words!


When Andrew saw his wife of decades on the stage after the makeover, his reaction was just too amazing to describe in words. You’ve really got to check out the video for it!


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