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Harley Davidson is Taking The Biggest Risk Ever

Not so long ago, Harley-Davidson announced that it’ll be launching its all-electric production model of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire concept. While there was some criticism from purists and others, the news was largely received positively. However, the LiveWire-based offering wouldn’t be the only electric Harley we’d get to see in the next couple of years. Harley’s planning to put large stakes on the electric vehicle revolution.

 For decades, Harley has been known for making large gas-guzzling motorcycles with their iconic thump.

While this strategy worked great in the 80s, and up until the early-2000s, it isn’t work all that well in 2017. Since the past few years, Harley-Davidson’s domestic sales have been on a constant decline. And this is because of the change in the demographic. The demographic of people which fell for the Harleys as we see them today, have mostly grown old, and aren’t buying motorcycles as they were a few decades ago.

The demographic has changed drastically.

The current youth, the millennials, aren’t as interested in the type of motorcycles Harley sells as the youths from two decades ago were. Young buyers increasingly are looking for faster, smaller, and cheaper motorcycles. The LiveWire-based offering from Harley-Davidson may offer just that.

At present, there are two issues concerning the shift to electric motorcycles.

One, market acceptance, and two, profitability. Scott Wine, CEO of Polaris Industries, the parent company for Indian Motorcycles and the erstwhile Victory Motorcycles, has his doubts on the latter. It’s no secret that several years down the line, people will make the shift to electric, whether they like it or not. The problem is, whether manufacturers can produce commercially viable electric vehicles profitably today.

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