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Instagram star killed in motorcycle crash after parents died just months apart

An Instagram star’s family have suffered a heartbreaking triple tragedy after she died in a horrific motorcycle crash on a favorite stretch of motorway.

Motorcycle enthusiast Annette Carrion, 33, was killed after her father Fernando and mother Sofia died just four months apart.Annette had gained a huge fan base on Instagram where she posted modeling photos for her 146,000 followers and promoted a motorcycle group for women she had co-founded.One of her last posts was a tribute to her 81-year-old father just four days before her motorcycle went off a picturesque and curvy motorway in California.Annette’s mother Sofia, 58, died on November 24 – one day after Thanksgiving – after she battled pancreatic and colorectal cancer.

In her tribute to her father, who died on March 19, Annette told how her father’s heart was broken following his wife’s death.She wrote on Instagram: “After my mom passed away four months ago, I could see that my dad’s heart was shattered. He was so depressed after his wife of thirty-five years was no longer there to keep him company.

“His health had been declining for a while, but I think he pushed through and held on until my mother passed. Last week, he was finally able to reunite with her.”

She added: “My dad passed away at eighty-one years old on Monday, March 19th. He and my mom are together again.”

Annette was killed when her 2015 Triumph motorcycle went off the side of the Ortega Highway in Lake Elsinore, south-west of Los Angeles, on Saturday, two days after her late mother would have turned 59.Police said she was unable to make a curve because of her speed and went off the road before being thrown from her motorcycle and killed.Ortega Highway is picturesque and curvy, and is the site of many fatal crashes, often involving motorcycle riders, the Register reported.

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