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Joke: Old Trucker Takes The Ultimate Revenge After Three Men Harassed Him.

A lot of kids and young people these days think that old people are up to no good, and that they are just “old geezers” wasting everybody’s time. Some of them also like to mess with these “old geezers” “just for fun”! Needless to say, you should not, but if you need any motivation, maybe we’ve got some for you!


Three young men are seated in a diner when this 70-year old trucker walks in.


It wasn’t really a busy morning, and there was just a single waitress in the diner. The old men calls her to his booth, and takes a while before he finalizes on his order. The young men were agitated at how much time it took, and how it was delaying their order. So, they decided to teach the “old geezer” a lesson.


The old trucker’s order arrived soon.


He had ordered a coffee, two eggs, and an apple pie. Just as the waitress placed the trucker’s order on his table, one of the young men, dressed in his “racer” gear walks up to the old man. He butts his cigarette in the old man’s apple pie.


Then, the second one goes.


He spits in the old man’s coffee. As he returns to his table with a grin on his face, the third one gets up. This one goes to the old man’s table. Stand over there in an intimidating manner for a while, picks up the old man’s plate of eggs, and throws it on the floor.


And then, he returns to his table too.


The old man, troubled by these young jerks, just pays the bill and proceeds out. As the idiots in their “racer” gear laugh at the old man, one of them says to the waitress, “Taught the old geezer a good lesson, didn’t we?! He isn’t much of a man!”



The waitress replies, with a smile, “Well, looking at how he just backed up his truck over 3 sportsbikes, I don’t think he’s much of a trucker either!”

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