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Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $1.000.000 To Victims of Hurricane Harvey!

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t just a Hollywood actor; he is a force for good in the world. There are thousands of people traveling across Southeastern Texas and Southwestern Louisiana at the moment due to the ravages brought on by Hurricane Harvey. However, a lot of famous faces are coming to help out!

One of them includes Leonardo! (DONATION FOR HUSTON)

The organization, United Way Worldwide, announced today that there would be a large fund donated to the recovery of areas in the places affected by the vicious storm.

In a report from E! News, DiCaprio made a $1 million donation to the brand new fund.

It came from his own company called the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

In a statement from the president of the company, they stated they are incredibly grateful to receive support from the legendary Hollywood actor – who recently won an Oscar for his work in The Revenant.

The leader of the enterprise continued, saying the relief provided by Leonardo and others will help out devastated communities for years to come.

As CI readers know, Sandra Bullock also gave out a sack of cash to help out the victims, as well as Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family.

Comic legend, Kevin Hart, also launched his own company that asks stars to assist by giving $25,000 to help residents of Texas.

Previously, the comedian shared on Instagram that they just crossed the $1 million mark.

He added, “thank you for all your generosity.”

This isn’t the only philanthropic work Leonardo DiCaprio does. He meets with world leaders the globe over to discuss the effects of climate change and seeks to ameliorate the damage done by manufacturing and human industries in general. The star even met up with Donald Trump to talk about climate change last year.

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