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NFL Commissioner Just Announced New Rule Who Could Solve The Problem About NFL Players Who Sit National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick left a legacy in the National Football League that the country thought would die with his career. Unfortunately, the start of the new season brought it back and was worse than before, with multiple millionaire players following in his anti-American footsteps.

Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement from the Seattle Seahawks to disrespect the country at his first preseason game with the Raiders. Despite looking like a disrespectful idiot, his former teammate, Michael Bennett, decided to copy him and Kaepernick and sat the bench for the National Anthem as his team stood in front of him.

In the same weekend, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins came forward to let all of his fans know what to expect this season, aligning himself with the now unemployable Kaepernick. According to CBS Sports, Jenkins protested during the 2016 season and revealed that he plans to protest every National Anthem throughout this season.

However, Jenkins isn’t just sitting like Lynch and Bennett. He’s stepping up his sick show of disrespect by raising his fist over his head – like those within the Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers movement do.

This has all happened just in the first weekend of the preseason and there are six more months of anti-American antics to go if this is allowed to continue. The start of this has sparked demands from infuriated citizens to stop it by financial punishment or ban from playing in games. People want to see the NFL do the right thing putting a precedence on patriotism over the sport.

Now, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally spoken on the matter, making an announcement that’s pissing people off worse than what these entitled players are doing on the sidelines.

The commissioner had the opportunity to condemn the actions of these players but instead, put the problem on the fans who are furious about it. Rather than punishing the athletes who are abusing their platforms, Goodell is calling for Americans to be “more understanding” of what they are trying to say with their protests.

He drew the line and picked the wrong side when he had the chance to do something to truly unite the country and keep politics out of America’s favorite pastime.

New York Daily News reports:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says football fans should be more understanding when players protest the national anthem.

During a Q&A session with Cardinals season-ticket holders, Goodell was asked if he believes protests are “going to be another problem” this season.

“It’s one of those things where we have to understand that there are people who have different viewpoints,” Goodell said via ESPN. “It’s something that I think everybody wants. The national anthem is a special moment for me. It’s a point of pride. That is a really important moment but we also have to understand the other side – that people do have rights, and we want to respect those.”

Goodell knows that this controversial stance is going to bring about some backlash and has apparently accepted that fact even though it’s a huge risk to the NFL.

Downtrend didn’t put it lightly what this exactly means for Goodall and the NFL:

“The league has invested a lot of resources into presenting itself as a patriotic organization over the years and has seen it all go up in smoke due to a small amount of oppressed multi-millionaires rallying around a locker room pariah as if he was Mohandas f*cking Gandhi,” Downtrend reported.

“There is going to be an immense backlash coming if enough black players choose to go rogue with some sort of ugly protest, strike or statement that further rubs raw the sores of racial discontent – or more precisely, rubs salt into the already raw sores that exist because of Kaepernick’s recalcitrance and Goodell’s incompetence.”

The commissioner put the final nail in the coffin for this football season with his acceptance of these protests and refusal to demand respect out of these guys who get paid millions to play a game. Many Americans aren’t afraid to protest as well and will do so by boycotting the NFL.

There’s a lot more that people can do with their time than sit around and give these players the attention they so desire with their “protests.” We’ll see how important this message is to these people when they arrive on Sunday to play in a practically empty stadium.

31 thoughts on “NFL Commissioner Just Announced New Rule Who Could Solve The Problem About NFL Players Who Sit National Anthem

  1. Not surprised. Goodell doesn’t have the class or integrity to tell those players that it is protocol to stand for the National Anthem. My thoughts on the subject. It’s the National Football League. Not the black panthers or white knights or purple fliers. It’s National..Nation..Our Nation…Either show respect by standing..or don’t bother dressing because you cannot play on an NFL playing field.

  2. The players have a right to protest this way. The fans have a right to counter protest by not supporting these teams or buying anything associated with these players. Hit them in their own pocketbook…. then we’ll see how patriotic they’ll become.

    1. They ave the right because of our thousands of soldiers who have died to give them that right. If you don’t respect the flag, at least show respect for our soldiers. And why is this only an issue now? Don’t want to live under this flag, then go live under a flag you do respect.

      1. If they respevt the $$$$$$$$$$, and the good life here in the USA, and yet shows disrespect for out National Anthem, well……, just 1 left for them, LEAVE THE USA AND THE GOOD $$$$$$$$$$.

  3. Well, Goodell is ruining football yet again. These players should be kept in the locker room for the season and lose money. Then no one will sign them either. They make millions off us WHITE Americans. They have never suffered from what went on 100’s of years ago. Time to grow up and leave it where it belongs in HISTORY.

  4. Yet you support the continued placement of anti-American, confederate statues in government and public places. Hypocrites!!

    1. For your information, Confederate soldiers are US veterans and are honored as such. Also, there were black Confederate soldiers AND there were many black owners of slaves. The first person to own a lack slave was a BLACK man by the name of Johnson who went to court to prevent his indentured servant from leaving when his indentured time was up and managed to win the case that he should stay as his slave. Many blacks in Louisiana, South Carolina and other states owned black slaves. Learn some REAL history. You can actually find this stuff out on a black history site.

      1. That is a bald faced lie! You need to learn some real history dummy! VERY FEW Blacks owned slaves, and many brought slaves to keep them out of the hands of filthy, abusive white racist and they were more sympathetic to their cause! You folks change and distort history as much as you want to but stop lying and being stupid!

  5. I will not watch the NFL until Goodell is fired. He is the problem now. He will not discipline these children, so I now want him replaced with someone who loves my country.

  6. I too am finished and fed up with te NFL. I am a teacher and I teach Americn History… They “poor” “oppressed” multi millionares who whine and cry about raical inequalities… how about income inequalities… I make less that 1/10 of what these peple make and I am in the position to influence and educate our young people. It just shows where our priorities lie… give people who play a game millions and our teahers barely enough to make ends meet… I have friends who were in te military and others who risk their lives daily as police officers… They deserve the respect from these people who they protect….

  7. They have never been oppressed since the end of Slavery, as these fools need a review of US History. You have a problem…take it off the field. Many men and women and their families fought for your freedoms, and like congress you all do not care. Without these folks who volunteered to serve you would not have the freedoms to play football. My dad was a Korea/Vietnam veteran who dies in SE Asia, my step dad was in SE Asia, my later grandfather a USN veteran of WWII at Pearl harbor that day, and the South Pacific, and Korea and Vietnam in the AF. I served for more than 20 years myself. The young men need to see what we saw not what’s on TV, assist in the local community especially the veterans and families. Roger Goodell is the worse NFL Commissioner in NFL History as the late NFL Commissioner Pete Rozzell would not stand for this. These idiots need to grow up.
    Dean R. Martinez, MBA, USAF-Ret

  8. You people are so fucked up on one hand you say people have the right to protest but then you say NFL players are not aloud to protest so only some people out their are aloud to have rights but not rich NFL players

  9. If you dont undetstand what these men are using their platform for, then your part of the problem.
    Theyre protesting the un justified killings of un armef black citizens. So if you dont undersand that then you must think its ok. So as a veteran who served to protect the rights of people to do such a protest, i only hope every player sits.

    1. I understand they have a right to protest. I understand their issues are against the police. I don’t understand how disrespecting our National Anthem is going to improve anything. You gotta show respect to earn respect. If it is that imprtant to improve relations they should be active within all communities to bring about positive change. Be a good role model on & off the field. The spotlight on the field yields both postive and negative results. Working hand in hand within black, white and mixed ccommunities and with the police clearly will earn a more positive outcome. To grandstand for a couple of minutes before a game and send a disrepectful message to many rather than spend a few hours with far fewer will get better results . Slow but steady will win you can’t change everyone or everything without being willing to actually work for the desired change. I hope every player STANDS up for what he is fighting for and shows respect both on and off the field. A potitical statement without actually backing it up and bringing about change in the real world for everyday people is not a platform that will earn the respect needed for change to actually occur.

  10. The only games I will watch is My Steelers play. I am a die hard fan and so far they don’t seem to disrespect our country like the rest of the cry baby multi-million dollar players that are so called oppressed. Get over yourself. You make more than any of us will see in a lifetime. Oppressed my ass. Try a actual hard working job for 8 hours a day like most of us and we are living paycheck to paycheck. You are living a life of luxury thanks to the men and women that fight for your freedom to make the money you do. As far as the rest of the NFL I’m done with them. It will be funny when they go play a game in a empty stadium. And Goodell don’t have the balls to even do anything about anything and he calls himself a patriot. You are full of it Goodell. You might as well not even play the national anthem you hypocrite.

  11. It’s about the 1st ammendment! Remember that one right wing wackos? You wackos want to preach about the constitution, but only for your own good! I am a patriot, but I worship god, not a piece of cloth!

  12. How many of you think that if you started some sort of distruptive protesting at work your boss would be ok with it. I get their protesting reasons and I support their protest. Just keep it out of their work place and protest on their own time.

  13. str8 from the propagandist playbook………clearly such an unbiased newspaper with a reputation for integrity….no doubt…

    (wipes the floor with his ass while holding a cat with bread around its face = Cat Bread-Taylor Swift Reporting”

  14. Exactly!!
    Let me translate their language to you….” It is ok for white people or any member of the KKK to protest in Amerikkka but everyone else need to sit down, accept what the good ole white boys are doing to you and don’t try to complain or make a stand against the white folks. White folks can disrespect the flag and Vets, walk down the street everyday, ignore and pass by 100s of homeless Vets, we can constantly deny the Vets their disability after they been hurt while on duty. All of this is ok because we are white. Although the constitution that our Vets fought for give us the right to protest, it didn’t mean you black people. Now that you understand SHUT UP please Stand up.
    YOU KNOW WE are NOT HAPPY unless you black folks do as we say, you blacks got us feeling like we losing control over you and we do not like that feeling. Sincerely the delusional White folks”
    This is what they are saying…sad but true.

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