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NFL Commissioner Just Made Shocking Announcement About Every Player Who Protested Anthem This Week

Colin Kaepernick left a heritage in the National Football League that the nation thought would die with his profession. Tragically, the begin of the new season brought it back and is more awful than ever, with different players following in his hostile footsteps to America.

Marshawn Lynch left retirement from the Seattle Seahawks to disrespect the country in his first preseason with the Raiders. Also, his previous partner, Michael Bennett, decided to copy him and Kaepernick and sat for the National Anthem as his group remained before him.

In the same weekend, Eagles defense Malcolm Jenkins told the majority of his fans what’s in store this season, adjusting himself to the now unemployable Kaepernick. Agreeing to CBS Sports, Jenkins protested in the 2016 season and uncovered to America that he intends to protest each and every time during the National Anthem all through this season.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has at last talked on the issue, making a speech that is irritating us, patriots even more.

Instead of speak good for America’s heritage, the flag and the anthem, Goodell is calling for Americans to be “all the more understanding” of what they are endeavoring to state with their protesting.

He took a stand and picked the wrong side when he had the opportunity to not divide the nation once again and keep governmental issues out of America’s most loved sport activity.

Downtrend didn’t put it lightly what this exactly means for Goodall and the NFL:

“The league has invested a lot of resources into presenting itself as a patriotic organization over the years and has seen it all go up in smoke due to a small amount of oppressed multi-millionaires rallying around a locker room pariah as if he was Mohandas f*cking Gandhi,” Downtrend reported.

The commissioner refused to condemn these disgusting protests and put the nail for the NFL coffin. Many Americans won’t be sorry for boycotting the league now.

There’s a lot more that people can do with their time than sit around and give these players the attention they so desire with their “protests.” We’ll see how important this message is to these people when they arrive on Sunday to play in a practically empty stadium.

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