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The Most Pathetic Motorcycle Crash We Have Ever Seen

There are moments in life that you just know are stupid blunders and they do not mean anything and do not affect your life in any sort of way. However, if that moment is ever captured on video then boy oh boy the anxiety clouds are on you. Something similar is happening in today’s video here. It is probably not a big deal if you see it in person but when it is on the internet for everybody to see then it becomes kind of embarrassing. Nobody wants to relive their blunders.




In the video below, it is a situation of a rider who is probably riding his bike for the very first time. He has a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 650 and it does not take long for him to learn what accident feels like. As a matter of fact, he can barely cross the street before he fell down.



Check out the video given below to have a chuckle on a newbie who is so unfortunate that he can’t even make it to the end of the street and crashes on the other side of the street and makes a real mess of his first ever ride on his brand new bike.


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