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A Sickening Video Of A Cop Crashing Into A Biker And Then Not Even Rendering Any Help Has Surfaced!

In a sickening video of police apathy, a biker was hit by a cop who cared the least bit about him later on. Cops are paid to help the people. However, as these videos which surface every day on the internet show, a lot many of them have forgotten that! This cop and his buddies in the video, seems to have forgotten that for sure, and also basic human decency!

The biker was riding down the East Oakton St. in Des Plaines.

And that’s when this cop driving his SUV cruiser cut him off rashly. In his criminally negligent maneuver, the cop ends up hitting the rider’s motorcycle. The rider is thrown off his motorcycle and then spins on the tarmac, until he ends up underneath this cop’s cruiser.

As the biker lay under the cop car’s bumper, the cop just stood there.

He rendered zero help. He couldn’t care any less about the rider’s life. He doesn’t even as much as ask the biker if he was okay. And when his buddies show up, the spectacular show of this police apathy only continues longer.

All of them just stare blankly at this wounded biker.

They walked around him as if he was already dead. None of them even bothered to check his vitals or as much as ask him if he was okay. All this while. the biker slipped in and out of consciousness. They just couldn’t care less!

And it doesn’t end here, either!

When the biker was hit by this cop, he had his cellphone and wallet on him, in his backpack. He apparently had a couple of hundred dollars in the wallet. And the cops held on to the backpack for a couple of days, only to return it later without those hundreds of dollars!

The biker, fortunately, lived through it, and brought a suit against the department.

It wasn’t surprising that he won! We’re not sure about the particulars of the settlement or if these cops faced any wrath or was it just the taxpayer’s money that paid the price for their apathy! What do you think about this? Share this with all your buddies, so at least these cops get some well-deserved “publicity”!

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