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Thief Gets Shot And Killed Stealing Off Duty Cop’s Motorcycle [VIDEO]

Motorcycle thefts are one of the things I hate the most. One, it’s wrong to deprive somebody else of their property like that. And two, it’s take a rider’s most beloved possession away from him.

It grinds my gears all the more if it’s the case of an armed robbery, like this one. This biker was stopped in traffic when a man suddenly came in front of him. This man had a gun pointed at the biker, and told him to get off the bike.

The biker got off, handing the thug his helmet. He then walks down the street. Meanwhile, the thug mounts this guy’s bike, thinking he’s made a killing today. Little did he know, that wasn’t the killing which was written for the day.

The biker he had just robbed was actually an off-duty cop, who had a gun of his own. As the policeman walked down the street, he prepped his gun. And just as the robber was about to ride away with his bike, he pumped several rounds into him.

The robber tried speeding off, but with the bullet wounds he had taken, he couldn’t keep control of the motorcycle, and ended up falling off the bike. Meanwhile, the bike continued without a ride on the road for a while.

Later, the robber was declared dead as a result of his injuries. What are your thoughts on this entire thing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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